"As an image maker, Jillian Suzanne never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think she can't take things higher, she does. Her quality and consistency are what separate her from her peers. Rock solid every time. She is artistically a presence to be reckoned with. She maintains a standard and professionalism in everything she does."
Oliver Arms, Artist, Ameringer/McEnery/Yohe

"As a seasoned Creative Director who’s worked side-by-side with some of today’s top artists and designers, having the opportunity to experience the fine art created by Jillian Suzanne has been an ultimate delight. From a commercial perspective, Jillian Suzanne’s character pieces are agency quality. From a fine-art perspective her paintings tap gracefully into the ethereal. From a Creative Director’s perspective, Suzanne’s work is committed and alive. Personally, I am in anticipation as I imagine the countless possibilities found deep within Jillian Suzanne’s next piece."
Lainie Liberti, Project World School, Creative Director + Principal, jungle [8] Brand strategy.  Conscious messaging.  Intelligent design.

"It is my pleasure to take the opportunity to write in support of Jillian Suzanne’s artwork.
The first time I was referred to Jillian’s work, I was immediately struck by her diversity in subject, medium and especially by her unique style. She displays an extraordinary sense of humor, color and composition that sets her apart from many artists on my roster and makes it very appealing to a larger group of audience.
I have shown her in many gallery shows, art events and installations. Her work always creates a tremendous response from viewers and collectors. I am impressed by Jillian’s focus and dedication and hard work creating one large body of work after another."
Lilli Muller, artist , curator,  event organizer,  community arts activist

"Empire Gallery has enjoyed a long business relationship with Jillian Suzanne. Over the years we have exhibited her work in our gallery as well as on the online auctions formerly available on Sothebys.com. Jillian Suzanne is a very talented artist and her work always has a uniquely appealing element that never ceases to attract new customers. Jillian.Suzanne also has a great personality, making her a pleasure to work with."
Ann Levitansky, Owner Empire Gallery

"Jillian Suzanne creates an engaging mix of acrylics, textures and when we are lucky, words. Her pieces catch you by chance, then draw you into a world of presence and thought.  Whether in a gallery or on display in her studio, her work combines thought with accessibility – a rare combination. I’m looking forward to seeing what her imagination will bring to us next."
Lee Bonds, MSquared Consulting: Communications and Marketing, Former Chair, Marketing Committee, San Jose Museum of Art

"I have had the pleasure of attending several of her Wine & Paint classes. It is very relaxed and Jillian Suzanne is GREAT with beginners, like myself. She accepts feedback and adjusts her classes so that consistent regular patrons such as myself will enjoy the material. Fun event, day or night, and I always have a great time with great friends.
Theresa Santoro, Santoro Law, LLC

"Jillian Suzanne is an amazing talent. I met her during a difficult transaction. I was selling a home in Bel Air, Ca.; I was trying to find the right look for this special property. Jillian was introduced to me through a mutual friend. Her eye for detail, art, light, and feeling helped me stage the home in such a unique way. The clients that walked through the home were amazed at how well the home showed after Jillian’s magic. Jillian saved the day, she is truly extraordinary. I cannot express fully how she has impacted my life."
 Ralph Odierna, Team Leader Keller Williams Westside

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