Juxtapose Magazine, Feature : LUNCH BREAK : "With Puss in Bootz proprietress, Jillian Suzanne, sinking her teeth into everything art related - design, painting, illustration and photography included - your're probably wondering how she's found time to develop her latest ingenious merchandising scheme. We wonder, too. What we do know for sure is that Jillian, who's spent time developing her signature style of Puss in Bootz painted ladies, isn't gonna let you down with her new stainless steel lunchboxes, featuring changeable magnetic designs for the ultrapfickle. Not in the mood for Jillian's "Debauchery" graff girl? No problem; just switch it up with her devilish "The better to eat you with" chick. Get rid of all that Sanrio crap. It's time to eat out in style." ~ Juxtapoz Magazine 2005
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