Music Videos

Developed & created concepts, designs, props and overall production on various commercials, photo-shoots and music video's. Responsibilities included Overseeing the details of pre-production through to post, managed budgets, payouts and distribution of funds, managed crews and art teams, set / prop builds and breakdowns.

Ralph's World : Dance Around
Built and painted the sets for this video series in the collection released for Ralph's World and Disney Music.

Dido : No Freedom
My painting "softer side" seen featured in Dido's video, "No Freedom"

Music video for Daley ft. Jessie J "Remember Me". 
Created sets, props and even appeared as a "hidden" cameo for an effect.
Music video for Birdsaw "Scissors". (1998'ish?)
Art Direction,  Conception, Experimentation + Editor - What fun it was to pull these projects off! 
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